Why Us

Secure Embedded

The digital age is a precarious world. Potential nefarious activities ranging from mischief (or curious) hacking and theft of intellectual property to advanced cyber threats through hardware rootkits and malware and other evolving methods can result in hefty costs to companies and even nations.

Which is why An Security advocates Security by Design, the foundation of safe transactions and activities in the digital age. When security is prioritised in your product architecture, you can plug the multitude of challenges faced by this interconnected world.


An Security adopts international standards (Common Criteria) as our baseline for verification. In addition , we have crafted various baseline standards that can help in the security assurance and testing for various engineering systems. These are focused initiatives such as IoT devices, Future Healthcare, Factory-of-Future and other modern technologies. This gives our clients a differentiating edge by achieving balance between security, operations, economics and the go-to-market.


An Security is product-agnostic. We are not a product vendor, and have no vested interest in one area, solution or technology over another. The only thing we do (and are exceptional in) is live and breathe security.


AN Security is a boutique cyber-security testing evaluation laboratory, providing Common Criteria certification support services and supporting organizations in the Singapore NITES accreditation program. We are the only local laboratory accredited by the Singapore Government in the under the National Information Technology Security Evaluation Scheme (NITES) for formal cyber security production certification. This allows the products to be used within the Singapore government.


An Security is one of Singapore’s first homegrown, independent security evaluation labs, adopting international standards in our methodology to provide excellent standards of assurance.

Helmed by a team of industry veterans, An Security is licensed to analyse, test and evaluate security infrastructures, systems and products, with the ultimate goal of providing a stable environment for end users.

We also work with the various universities and research centers in Singapore to facilitate the growth of our technical expertise. This ranges from deep technical expertise (side channel threats, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing) to cyber security consultancy (policy and process review, network and IT audit etc).